Our Mission

3WaterColors, which was founded in 2020, is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization located in Fort Worth, Texas. We bring substantive, positive change to communities by improving and enriching lives, with education, health & wellness, hunger, and community social change. Celebrating the spirit of humanity and offering advancement opportunities that enable individuals to help themselves threw out life.  We provide food, clothes, accessories, shoes, school supplies, school lunch fees, hygiene products, undergarments, towels, detergent, washcloths, electronics, blankets, pillows, bike, bus/train pass, portable heaters/fans, luggage, field trip fees for school, school sports attire/fee, after school programs, prom clothing, and so much more. The purpose of the program is to provide what is needed for success as well as a healthy atmosphere for abused, neglected, and underprivileged school-aged children 5-18 years old.

We serve the children of Tarrant and Dallas County.


Hi Sylvia. What made you start 3 Water Colors and what does the name represent?

3 Water Colors was founded by my own close relationship with child abuse. We know there are 4 types of abuse and I suffered them all. Not just from a child, but carried on from a young adult to adulthood. The name 3 Water Colors was inspired by my 3 children, who have water names.

When did you start your organization?

We have been giving back to our community for about 19yrs now, but legally 3WaterColors has been serving our community going on 3yrs come 5/26/2022. 3WaterColors was founded in May of 2020 and our 501c3 came shortly after that.


Are there other organizations you partner with or businesses in town? Share a brief story about that.

3WaterColors has many different partners, in Dallas, Waxahachie, Fort Worth, and Keller. Some partnerships are formed with other nonprofits who offer what we don’t. We also have partnered with small businesses that want to give back in a big way. Sometimes that’s with donations, products, information, platforms, or services. Such as yourself, Thank you for the platform, Kickin’ It In Keller.. Police departments, social workers, and churches. are also, great partners.

What are your current needs for your organization?

3WaterColor is still trying to grow, we are in need of many things, unfortunately, but to name a few, a dependable **GRANT WRITER** who has time to give, monthly monetary donations, a bigger office space to also hold our donations, and gift cards to places we can buy food or clothes. We serve many children with different needs at different times. We have been so grateful for the office space we have been given but have outgrown this space. A larger office space with an extra room to put our donations in would be amazing.

Tell me more about you! What are you involved in and what things do you like to do? What places do you like to visit in Keller?

About me… I’m a hard worker, who gives with my heart. I love to play bingo.. lol, and do yard work to pass my time when I’m not busy. This is how I find peace. This nonprofit keeps me busy, Sunday to Sunday. So I don’t have much time for anything, but the little time I do have, I enjoy breakfast with the Keller Chambers of Commerce, picking up a coffee, or even looking around the little boutiques in Keller.

Ribbon Cutting at Savage Studios as a representative with the Greater Keller Chamber

Kickin’ It with Sylvia and Ashley, the admin of Kickin’ It In Keller and founder of Beauty Entourage Supporting local at FnG Eats

Thank you Sylvia for who you are and for everything you do in our Keller community and beyond. You are a light. We hope to support you and raise you up in the way you do for the children. I have personally heard your testimony, your stories, and your heart. I am grateful to know you, friend. It was a pleasure to put this blog together and share with our community the people that make it so great! ~ Ashley

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