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Welcome to Kickin’ it in Keller, a community group that is all about connection, community, and collaboration. We are a group of locals who love our town and everything it has to offer, and we want to share it with you. Our goal is to bring people together by sharing our favorite places to kick it, whether you’re a resident, a worker, or just passing through. Keller may be a small town, but we have big dreams, and we believe that by working together and supporting each other, we can make them a reality. So come join us, and let’s kick it in Keller together!


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Kickin’ It Media Group is a dynamic husband and wife duo with a passion for small businesses and the community they serve. Committed to sharing the best of Keller, Texas, they offer a unique inside look into the events, places, and stories that make this city so great. Whether it’s highlighting the newest restaurants, the latest local happenings, or shining a spotlight on the inspiring people of Keller, Kickin’ It Media Group is dedicated to documenting and sharing the heart of this flourishing city. Through their storytelling and visual documentation, they capture the essence of Keller and its vibrant community, showcasing the town’s small businesses, local culture, and welcoming spirit. From stunning videography to compelling stories, Kickin’ It Media Group is your go-to source for discovering all that this incredible city has to offer.

Photo of the Kickin' it in Keller team, a group of social media marketing specialists based in Keller, TX. The team pictured together, is a husband and wife dup Ashley Stone Hernandz and Mike Hernandez. They are a close-knit media group that is dedicated to helping local businesses build their online presence and engage with their community through social media.